Oasis Tradelink Ltd. is a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) engaged in the branded and packaged edible oils business. A public company, its shares are listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) with Script Code 538547. The company has a packaging/production unit in Kadi town of Mehsana district of north Gujarat. Over the last couple of years, the company has achieved tremendous growth in sales, owing to acquiring marketing and sales rights of a few popular brands in Gujarat. The company sources its products from multinational suppliers, and packages them under various popular brands. Over the years, the company has built up a credible sales-force to market its products in Gujarat.


Sr no. Year Sales (in Lacs) Profit (in Lacs)
1 2012-13 7338.27 13.12
2 2013-14 13571.23 24.10
3 2014-15 15361.85 42.08
4 2015-16 18903.91 124.15
5 2016-17 34293.87 223.26
6 April, 2017 to
September, 2017
22397.39 270.14


Following China, India is the world's second largest consumer of edible oil with an annual consumption of 15 million metric tons. Edible oils have a penetration level of 98% of Indian households, and belong to the basic foods category. However, India's per-capita consumption of 12 kg per annum is still relatively low by world standards. With rising population, coupled with gradually increasing household incomes, this number is sure to rise in the future. Domestic consumption of edible oils has been growing at 7% a year over the last decade. In 2015, the total edible oil market is slated to touch 17 million metric tones in volume terms, and Rs. 1,20,000 Crores ($20 Billion) in value terms.

With the ever increasing health awareness among consumers, and greater government regulation, the market is witnessing a high growth of almost 25%-30% in Packaged /Branded oils.

Urbanization is also growing at a very fast rate and this has meant increased demand for packaged edible oils. Oasis wishes to exploit this marketing trend.

Over the next few years, Oasis envisions a tremendous growth in Packaged/Branded Edible Oils.

The new Food Safety and Standards Act of India 2006, has laid down stricter policy measures relating to packaging, labeling and quality of food products. This will undoubtedly lead to a huge rise in the demand for Oasis’ products.

Another reason the company foresees a rise in demand for its products, is related to the government’s heavy emphasis on the Food Processing Sector. We believe that the food processing industry will witness a very high growth trajectory in the coming years. This will indirectly drive the demand for edible oils which form an essential raw material for this industry.


Oasis has plans to setup a comprehensive marketing network. Particularly, the company will appoint new Distributors/Dealers, and C&F agents, across the western states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. The company will establish warehouses and depots if required in larger towns in these states. The company has so far recruited about 30 sales executives, and is still recruiting sales representatives across all levels. Each distributor/dealer will be served by a company sales executive in larger towns. The company will utilize the services of brokers and commission agents also.

Our Team - Directors

Snehal B. Patel (Chariman /MD)

Snehal B. Patel has done his B.E in Industrial and Production Engineering from the prestigious M. S. Ramaiyah Institute of Technology, Bangalore. He started his career in 1992 as a Marketing Manager in a highly reputed edible oil company in north Gujarat. With his strong inter-personal and team-leadership skills he was able to manage a large team of technical, commercial and sales personnel. He was directly involved in the day to day sales and marketing administration of the organization. Throughout his career, he has organized and run several trade and marketing conventions in the industry, and has been able to be a part of a strong network of professionals from the trade.

Naishadh B Patel (Director)

With over 12 years of experience in the branded packaged edible oil industry, Naishadh has been responsible for much of the recent growth and business development of Oasis. Much of the company's transformation from a trading entity to a higher profitable manufacturing company can be attributed to his strong leadership and managerial skills. Naishadh has done his BE from Gujarat University, and MBA from Vanderbilt University USA. He is the Executive Director at Oasis Tradelink Ltd.

Olga Menezes (Director)

Olga Menezes has done her B.A in Psychology from the esteemed St. Xaviers College, Ahmedabad. Back in 1990, she started her professional career as Assistant Officer of Commerce and Trade in reputed edible oil company in Ahmedabad. Today she manages the commercial aspects of the business from composing works-contracts agreements, dealer terms and conditions, broker appointments, sales representative appointments, etc. She has also worked overseas briefly in Paris for almost a year for an offshore project. She bring with herself almost 20 years of professional experience in the business.

Shankar Prasad Bhagat (Director)

Mr. Shankar Prasad Bhagat, aged 62 years, is the Promoter and Independent Director of our company. He is Fellow Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and commerce honors graduate. He has more than 30 years of experience in field of audit and taxation. As an Independent Director of our company, and with his experience, he is an immense value addition to the company. He has been on the board of our company since October 15, 2013.