During its initial years, Oasis was engaged in trading and marketing of various edible oils. However, since 2013, Oasis begun production of "Maruti" branded packaged edible oils for the state of Gujarat. With regional diversity of foods and tastes, India's edible oil market is similarly regional in nature. This has led Oasis to produce a diverse portfolio of edible oils to suit the taste buds of all. Company produces various types of edible oils like Cottonseed oil, Groundnut oil, Soybean oil, Sunflower oil, Mustard oil, Corn oil etc. The brand “Maruti” has a sizeable market-share and commands premium in the edible oil market.

Through environment friendly technology, we continuously strengthen our manufacturing processes, keeping cost under control, by reducing process loss and wastes. We have created a diversified product in edible oil segment protecting ourselves from an excessive dependence on any one product.

Through our diversified product range, we have expanded our presence in surrounding states of Rajasthan and are planning to penetrate in high consuming states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. We are aiming to achieve the turnover target of Rs.1,000 Crores in coming 5 years’ time.

Company is also planning to expand its product portfolio by entering processing and marketing of Grains, Daal, Pulses and Spices where we have got very good strength of procuring Raw Materials of high quality at best prices. By leveraging our “Maruti” brand and utilizing its distribution network, Company can gain reasonable market share in short time. The aim is to become a credible FMCG company over a period through organic and inorganic growth strategies.