IBC Activities

1. Company under CIRP as per IBC (LETTER TO STOCK EXCHANGE) Download
2. Form A – Public Announcement Download
3. Newspaper 1 Public Announcement Download
4. Newspaper 2 Public Announcement Download
• FORM B – Proof of Claim by Operational Creditors except Workmen and Employees Download
• FORM C – Submission of Claim by Financial Creditors Download
• FORM D – Proof of Claim by a Workman or an Employee Download
• FORM E – Proof of Claim Submitted by Authorized Representative of Workmen and Employees Download
• FORM F – Proof of Claim by Creditors (Other than Financial Creditors and Operational Creditors) Download
6. Intimation of Meeting of Committee of Creditors Download
7. Outcome of Meeting of CoC Download
8. Appointment of Resolution Professional Download
9. List of Claims of Creditors Download
10. FORM G – Invitation for EOI Download
11. Detailed Invitation for EOI Download